Progress Sampleshe

Here are some samples of my first attempts at upright letters. I started with the smaller side of the calligraphy marker, but I also tried the thicker side a few times too.

I find that working on a small scale is less intimidating for me personally.

Grouping the letters in small sections truly aided my understanding of each stroke. The completion of each set felt more and more satisfying and the repetitiveness became addicting. I obviously had to repeat some letter groupings more than others.

After practicing at such a small scale for a while, I felt as though the transition to bigger letters and thicker marker came quite easy to me. I seem to favor italics more than upright.

When executing italics, I don’t feel as bad when I mess up because the letters are not intended to be perfectly round.

Before starting some of the sentences for the project, I was able to start with smaller phrases. Below is a picture that I took with my phone: “good morning, have a lovely day.”

While writing this, I have become aware of rhythm and speed.

This probably took me about 4 tries without using lined paper.


Here are my final samples from my journal.


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