I do not follow politics, so I must catch up on the basics.

Even though the video below is targeted toward informing children, it was quick and informative for me also. I first saw this ad while I was babysitting. As a person who doesn’t follow politics, I couldn’t help but engage in this ad for this specific project in Typography. I used the videos as a starting point to gather more information about both candidates.



I was able to make these thumbnails for the mailer:



Here are some basic key facts about Hillary based on my research so far:

Basic Info
Name: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
Birthday: October 26, 1947
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5’6″ – 5’7″
Physical Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes
Ancestry: Welsh, French, Scottish, Native American, English
Marital Status: Married to Bill Clinton in 1975
Kids: Daughter, Chelsea Victoria Clinton

• She has served as a senator representing New York
•She was prominent attorney before becoming First Lady
•She was in the white house as First Lady for 8 years
•with her background in two administrations, she would have particular insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the people she would select to serve in her administration;
•with her substantial experience representing the US abroad both as First Lady and as Secretary of State, she would probably have more extensive contacts with foreign leaders than any other in-coming President since George HW Bush.

•at 67, she would be the second oldest President
to be inaugurated for a first term. It’s reasonable to be
concerned about the state of her health.
•because of her age, she may declare that she would
not seek a second term, rendering her an immediate lame duck,
and dividing the party as potential successors vie for support.
•she may face more “irreconcilables,”–people who would never under any circumstances support her–than most incoming Presidents.

Typefaces & Fonts

I would like to use the same fonts and arrows that are used on her website:


This would require downloading the exact fonts from her website. Since I had a hard time finding a free one, I will have to use a similar font for the mailer. Franklin Gothic may be a decent match up.


Visual Inspiration

After meeting with Prof. Inciong, he gave me some people to use as visual references: Nicholas Blechman and Alexander Isley.

I find the simplicity in his illustrations very pleasing to look at.




Here is the first draft of my mailer. I decided to focus on her plans for tuition-free state colleges. I also chose this layout based on my thumbnail sketch.


After the critique in class, I realized that I needed a more clear direction and hierarchy for the layout. It also has an infographic feel to it, so I will try to add more text as well.

Here is my final draft:


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