Package Design Concept Development

After doing a fair amount of research for the packages, I was able to sketch some concepts. I am still not sure what specific package/item to focus on.



Above is a logo concept that I did during class on Friday 11/4/16. I was thinking of making my own typeface in order to match the look my illustrations. I could always try to substitute and experiment with fonts later.



After meeting with my professor about my concepts, I realized that I needed to do a lot more research. So after doing a well amount of more research, I was able to come up with these thumbnails below. I am focusing more on the package design and less on the actual product. He said I should consider designing a package and then matching a product to it. This seems to be a better and less intimidating approach to the project because it involves more freedom in the selection of packaging.


I will continue to translate my logo into an illustration in Adobe Illustrator. I will also continue to narrow down my concepts for the two different directions required for my preliminary compositions.



During my research, I was able to create the “4 Virtues” logo that matches the other logos.


Preliminary Comps


Food Jars


The concept above is based on food jars. Perhaps it could contain something intangible.

Juice Boxes


The concept above is based on juice boxes.


After the coin flip during class, I began to develop the jars more clearly again.


And again…


I ended up with these final layouts:


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