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For project 06, I am having a bit of trouble with where to start laying things out. I will start by doing some image research.






Visual Inspiration

I find that the actual text of the excerpt is very stable and structured. How can I make the layout even more interesting without losing the stable structure?



I would rather use images or illustrations as a last resort. I would also like to try to treat type as a stand alone that does not need dependence on images. I want to force myself to get out of the natural habit of setting a picture and then slapping some text onto it as an afterthought. Type needs to be my first thought this time.

I feel that the image above is a good example of using type as an image although I am not sure about using color or not.




I think the integration of image into type a very intentional way to get a point across. Even though I may not use images, I will keep this flamingo example as an open possibility.




I find this layout interesting because the tone of voice in typography is limited when all caps or generic typefaces are used. If I am trying to convey a tone or mood in my layout, I must keep this in mind.



screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-4-03-04-pmUsing a variety of typefaces may help develop the tone of my layout. The contrast between the words is made clear by the variation of different strokes of the letters.





Drawing the letters by hand is also an option. This example happens to be on the playful side. I wonder is there is a way to hand draw the letters without losing the sense of seriousness. The use of color seems to be what makes it playful too. If I were to use color, it would be used in a subtle way like this.




The use of linking, cropping, and scaling characters work in a good way for these booklets. Although it gets busy the longer I stare at it, I can appreciate the contrast of scale against the body copy of text. I feel that these layouts could be toned down a bit more. The text needs more room to breath.




I started to get some ideas after research and made some thumbnails. After looking them over with the professor, I decided to focus on the three that he checked off. I have also decided to incorporate my calligraphy for one of them because I feel that I have gotten better since the beginning of the semester. For this project, I wanted to practice more letters.

Since I have decided not to use pictures, I will continue to focus more on the layout of the words. As mentioned before, I will do my best to treat the text and individual letters as images.



While working based off of my thumbnails, I came up with these four layouts:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.






After the final critique, I decided to hand this one in as my final because it illustrates the content of the running text more accurately than the other three.

I did not choose to focus too much on particular word or phrases except for “ah ha” because the composition is meant to be viewed from a distance as a whole. It indeed takes a typographical form and the letters become the idea of what the article is saying.

The overall layout feels stable and symmetrical even though the text box in the middle is not center aligned.

This project was difficult for me because, in the past, I have gotten so comfortable with choosing images or illustrations before laying out most of my designs. It makes me more aware of type and letters as a part of a whole composition rather than being slapped on a dominant image. Designing more without images is a challenge that I hope to get better at in the future.


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