Web Redesign Group Project

For this project, our group split the work first part of the assignment. I was able to help out by composing the Heuristic Evaluation of all three websites for our re-design.


Chosen Sites

Primary = Expedia.com

Similar = Travelocity.com

Different = Facebook.com


Heuristic evaluation

Expedia Pros

  • Best Price Guarantee: –If a person comes across a lower booking price than the one they just booked through Expedia, they might be eligible for a refund of the difference. Moreover, they may also be given a $50 coupon.
  • Filtering Options: – This hotel booking website allows people to really narrow down search results by customizing it to the point that only those that are most relevant to your preferences are shown.
  • My Scratchpad Feature: – It basically tracks the hotel pages that people have visited and shows the most current price, as well as the number of people currently viewing the hotel. People can also choose to track any price or availability changes in order to stay up to date.
  • Incredibly Detailed Hotel Pages: People can make an informed decision before committing to anything. People can view the room rates, availability, and reviews.

More Pros

  • Expedia+ Rewards Program to earn points on travel bookings
  • Star ratings and checked bag fee details integrated into search results


Expedia Cons

  • Lacks Live Chat Support: – Some people’s concerns are more immediate than others so it is a convenience for most to have a live chat support option where they can easily and quickly reach someone from the company.

More Cons

  • Limited advanced search options including no flexible date options for flights and time of day to travel
  • Results can be overwhelming and not as easy to navigate or sort as other sites



Travelocity Pros

  • One Stop Shop Service: – It does not begin and end with hotel bookings. People can quickly and easily plan a vacation because it also provides vacation packages, car rentals, flight bookings, as well as cruises. Additionally, their Things to Do search tool allows people to discover interesting activities in the area where they plan to stay.
  • Provides Average Prices for Hotels in a Given Area: – They display the average prices for 3 star, 4 star, and even 5 star hotels within the area. This is great because it allows people to quickly assess whether hotels in a certain area or neighborhood are within budget or not.
  • Filtering Options: – These allow people to prioritize search results that fall within a certain star or price range, or those that provide certain services, or even those that are handicapped friendly.
  • Travel Insurance Option: – The Travel Guard protection plan ensures that people get a refund in case something comes up and people need to reschedule or cancel. It also covers stolen, lost, or delayed luggage and even medical treatment.

More Pros

  • Name and address of hotels known before purchase
  • Customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Travelocity Cons

  • Lacks Flexible Date Search Options: – For those who are still undecided on when their trips would be, it is a little inconvenient if you want to change the dates because you would have to go back and forth.

More Cons

  • Transactions complicated and time-consuming



Facebook Pros

  • Spreads Information Quickly: – People are able to post statuses and stay informed with friends/family/pages via Facebook on a regular basis.
  • Provides Speaking Platform: – Whether a post is personal, entertaining or informative, as long as a person has created an account, they can say close to whatever they want.
  • Privacy Options: – An account is able to be customized based on personal preferences like who is able to see it in the first place.
  • Linked Profiles: – It is now easier and more convenient to sign into other websites with already set up Facebook accounts that allow linking.
  • Facebook Live: – Videos are able to be posted as they are happening. This allows for more blow by blow details as they unfold with immediate updates.

More Pros

  • Facebook “like” buttons serve to customize recommended content to the user.
  • Messenger allows for private conversations to be hidden from existing friends.
  • Facebook Groups allow for sharing in a smaller or more specific setting.


Facebook Cons

  • Default Top Stories: – Facebook places the most popular posts on top; however, this eventually causes other friends to become rare to see, no matter how recent they may have posted something. This becomes a nuisance to change the settings every time a user logs into their account.

More Cons

  • Clutter like ads, and suggested posts, become distracting while scrolling timelines.
  • Not all posts are able to be monitored because there are too many people to keep track of individually. Explicit content is not too hard to find.





  • Overall Look & Feel: Straightforward and informative; bottom half of web page seems cluttered and lacks attractiveness through use of images.
  • Branding: The logo is a yellow plane illustration inside of a dark blue circle.
  • Functionality / Features: Some objects light up as the mouse hovers over them.
  • Navigation / Wayfinding: One deal description leads to another and so on.
  • Messaging: Customer service provides chat or phone calls.
  • Layout: Very linear with much use of boxes for things like images.
  • Palette / Color use: Blue & white are main colors, while yellow & black accents.
  • Typography: Aligned left and san serif that varies from bold to light.
  • Overall Experience: Informative, but overwhelming if I’m not sure what I want.



  • Overall Look & Feel: Straightforward and informative; bottom half of web page seems a bit more organized without images.
  • Branding: The logo has 3 organic marks that contain orange, yellow and white; A gnome is used as a character for marketing purposes.
  • Functionality / Features: Pop-up images seem better to click on while scrolling.
  • Navigation / Wayfinding: The pop-ups help me not lose my place as I scroll.
  • Messaging: Customer service provides chat or phone calls.
  • Layout: Very linear with much use of boxes and color-coded incorporated.
  • Palette / Color use: Blue & white are main colors, orange is accent.
  • Typography: Aligned left and san serif that varies from bold to light.
  • Overall Experience: Informative, but a bit more structured.



  • Overall Look & Feel: Informative, yet entertaining.
  • Branding: A white f inside a blue square or vice versa in some cases.
  • Functionality / Features: Content appears based on friends and “likes.”
  • Navigation / Wayfinding: Never ending scrolling of posts/videos.
  • Messaging: Group or individual is available for interaction with others.
  • Layout: 4 columns with a blue horizontal bar at the top.
  • Palette / Color use: Gray & white are dominate; blue is accent.
  • Typography: Aligned left and san serif that varies from bold to light.
  • Overall Experience: Informative and entertaining. The visual aspect of the posts lead me to read more about it or engage in “liking” a post.





  • Internet booking engine
  • Informative
  • Search based
  • Travel-driven
  • Photo examples
  • Price comparing
  • Broad options
  • Rewards for members
    • Expedia+
  • Scratchpad (accounts only)
  • Itinerary sharing
  • Flight recommendations
  • Baggage calculator
  • Seating options
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Companies provide content


  • Hoteliers
  • Partner Programs
  • Sponsors
  • Advertisements
  • Commission/service fees
  • Market Domination
  • Bulk purchasing
  • Expedia+ credit card




  • Online travel agency
  • Informative
  • Search based
  • Travel-driven
  • Photo examples
  • Price matching
  • Broad options
  • Membership discounts
  • Scratchpad (accounts only)
  • Itinerary sharing
  • Flight recommendations
  • Baggage calculator
  • Seating options
  • Familiar gnome brand
  • 24/7 costumer service
  • Companies provide content


  • Hoteliers
  • Partner Programs
  • Sponsors
  • Advertisements
  • Commission/service fees
  • Bulk purchasing




  • Social networking service
  • Informative/entertaining
  • Search based
  • Account user-driven
  • Account user creates content
  • Privacy options
  • Like, share, comment, react
  • Suggested posts
  • Cookies
  • Companies provide content


  • Facebook games/credits
  • Linked accounts/target ads
  • Advertisements
  • Commission/service fees
  • “Boost post” fees
  • Virtual gift shop
  • Sponsors
  • Data gathering













Backup Idea

Primary = Youtube.com

Similar = Vimeo.com

Different = WordPress.com

Youtube is a video sharing website open to the public. Although it has a variety of videos from video games to dress shopping, Youtube has noisy comment sections and limited options when it comes to membership; this is where Vimeo and WordPress would come in.


Vimeo’s membership options would be included in addition to Youtube’s subscription option: Youtube Red. Vimeo’s free trail business option would be included as well.





Commenting on popular videos would be limited to only people who have blog profiles to back up their Youtube channels. Requirements for commenting would now include having a WordPress blog with at least one post, and a Youtube account with at least one video posted. This way, there would be a little more control over how many comments are posted and monitored at a time.

Alternative to the WordPress virus to improve YouTube comments: Answers.Yahoo.com

For the website Answers.Yahoo.com, there is a rate and point system that ties into asking and answering questions. The more points and ratings that someone has leads to higher comment credibility comments and more freedom to answer and post questions.

This method could be applied to the rather messy YouTube comment sections. The higher rated comments, points, and profiles would be placed at the top instead of only placing the highest rated comments on top.

Expedia Wireframe Sketches

Each person from our group had their own drawing style and made a set of wireframes. Here is my original set:

After the critique in class, we agreed to use Christy’s style for the sketches in the presentation video.

We moved on to the actual redesign layout for the website where each of us completed a set of pages. Here is my set:


After a critique in class, we decided to change some of the wording and details of the website. I was able to make some wordlists for our group to consider while designing the details of the navigation further:

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.09.56 PM.png



Updated Wireframe Sketches

As we participated in more class sessions and critiques, our group decided to add more pages to our original three. In an effort to keep the pages consistent, I was able to re-draw the first three pages while adding the additional pages that we needed:

Digital Wireframes

After we learned more about wireframes and sitemaps in class, we developed a few styles for the digital wireframes. Here is the set that I worked on:


After we decided on a wireframe design style, I was able to work on wireframes for our presentation video:



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