Speech Booklet Concept Development



Layout Drafts

After seeing the samples of booklets in class, I was able to layout these pages. The professor said to layout a few samples of one speech, but I felt as though I needed to see all of them. This way, I could find consistency before I get too involved and possibly find a flaw to change later. I decided to use Athelas and Avenir for my type. Since these are basic layouts, I will focus on details rags and folios later on.




I still feel like I need more consistency in the pages, especially for the introductions. I would like to experiment more before I decide on a layout. After the critique, I realize that these designs are rather quiet. Although less is more, I am still not satisfied with most of the layouts.





As I begin laying out the table of contents, I want to make sure that it stays consistent with the other speech pages too. The professor made it known that the class is able to use shapes or lines in the pages. I received positive feedback for this layout, so I decided to base my table of contents on it.

New Doc 2017-04-10_5





Looking back at the design above, I am still not satisfied with the look. I want to challenge myself more with what I can do without line or images. I have decided to go back to that first layout that I made and create variations based it.


After the professor critiqued my re-designed booklet, I will now re-evaluate how I want to layout the entire book. Here are his comments below:


He said that he liked it, but it feels too blocky. I took this into consideration as I went back to the drawing board to layout the pages once again. I know it may not be perfect, but I need try harder to find a more suitable solution. I know the table of contents is working well enough as far as space goes, but the overall booklet still needs some work.


Here are more compositions based on his red drawing. All of my notes are in blue. The tips from the professor originally came from an email that I neglected to read earlier. I have decided to read through the list of tips again. This time, I read them more carefully. Writing them down will help me retain the tips better as I go in to edit my booklet content. I was able to brainstorm some different layout ideas.

New Doc 2017-04-17




The treatment of these paragraphs and pull quotes below are based on the thumbnails seen above:

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 2.46.15 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 2.49.22 PM

Since I find the second layout more appealing visually, I will go on with the same layout. I enjoy the implied box that happens with the text wrap function on top of the pull quote. I will continue to use Avenir and Athelas for my text choices. I feel that the second layout gives the reader more room to breathe and is a bit less blocky.

For me personally, I find it easier to read when there are a lot of breaks in the page. It makes me feel like I am reading more than I may actually be reading. Having more breaks also gives the eye a chance to rest in between readings.



Page Numbers


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 12.25.08 PM.png

I found that figuring out where to put the page numbers is more difficult than I thought. A few articles like this one to help me set rules for my booklet. The folios will be based on this, but not followed exactly.

Here is more visual inspiration that I found below:


I was originally planning on experimenting with different bookbinding techniques, but for the sake of time, I will stick to the binding in the assignment description: staple saddle stitch.



Here are my final spreads:

I feel that this design is not as blocky as my previous one. I also find that that lack of quotation marks add a lightness to each page. I have learned quite a bit from this booklet. I hope to become more comfotable with laying out running text for future projects.


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