App Design Concept Development





After presenting my concepts, I have decided to develop the app for street performers. The app will be called Street Stars. I am not completely sold on the name because it seems a bit cheesy. I will most likely end up using it, but if I think of another name later, I will change it.

Scan 20




Promo Poster & Screenshots

After figuring out the key features and flow of the app, I am now able to layout the promo poster. Here are my three directions for the promo poster which highlight the key features of the app.






After looking it over with my professor, she gave me the go to work with the light blue color because it reminds her of the daytime sky. I also want an accent color, so I added in orange which is complementary to blue.

I am also adjusting the layout of the app to make it appear less “blocky” and monotone. Developing the additional screens will help me keep the app unified and consistent¬†on each screen. Here is the second draft:

Most of the people including my professor mentioned that my app feels aimed toward children (which is not what I am aiming for). My work, in general, tends to have a childish feel to it, so that is something that I need to work on as I continue projects in the future. It also comes to my attention that the shine on the buttons and the shapes are not consistent throughout the app. I will adjust these issues as needed.

Here is the final version of the promo poster based off of the screenshots:




Here is the final deck altogether:


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