Here To There

For this assignment, we are to make a booklet about something that interests us. It could be about us or something else that we care deeply about.

I have chosen to create a booklet based on my experiences from being homeschooled. I was homeschooled from first grade up until college. I would also like to incorporate my experiences from dance class. Growing up as a homeschooler has its pros and cons. Each person has a different experience.




Homeschooling for me became very lonely at times. My mother was my teacher, so it was basically an 8-hour tutor session on most days. When she would go over a lesson with me, I either understood the material or I didn’t. When she asked me questions, I either knew the answer or I didn’t. I couldn’t hide or fake anything. There were no other students in my grade to raise their hand.

There was no stalling. There was no cheating on a test. There were no study groups to hang out with before or after a test was taken. There were no teacher’s pets, no cliques, no friends to meet at lunch, no after school clubs, no bring your parent to work day, no passing notes, no boy crushes, no school dances, and no school uniforms. It was just me and my mom. My siblings got their one-on-one time with my mom to learn material too, so that’s when I would have time to study for myself. These were just some of the inevitable cons of it. It was not always lonely.

Like I said, every experience is different. Although I was homeschooled with my other two siblings and we participated in other activities and events like church, choir, co-ops, homeschool band, and soccer, I found dance class to be the activity I looked forward to the most. Even though I consider myself an introvert, I enjoyed dance class for interaction and structure. It taught me discipline in a new way. There was a dress code: black leotard, hair out of the face. There were teachers to listen to besides my mom. There were other people around for the teacher to talk to. I could hide behind someone when I couldn’t get a dance step. If I couldn’t get a step, I had a whole week to practice and bring it back better. Ballet was by far the hardest, but my love was always for tap dancing. I also did jazz, modern, lyrical, point, and praise dancing at one point. Hip hop always interested me though.



Concept Sketches

I enjoy doodling little ballerinas because they remind me of dance class. At one point in college, I decided to make them more frequently. I thought they were cute, so I started to record myself drawing them. I would set a time limit for myself, so they always came out quick. I posted the video and the and the final drawings on my Instagram page.

As I became more busy with college, I stopped making the little ballerinas. I made the character to resemble me even though she has no face. The face was never meant to be the main focus of my drawings, but rather the picture as a whole. Here are some of the drawings that are on my Instagram already:



I was able to render my sketches with image trace in Illustrator. I paired my drawing with a fluid font to match my illustrations. Here is the layout of my book:



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