Get Local Concept Development

For this project, I have chosen three small businesses to consider redesigning the website.

Small Businesses

  1. Little Negril

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 6.35.16 PM.png

Little Negril is a Jamaican restaurant and grill known for their authentic Jamaican food.

I have been inside several times. Each time I have felt welcomed because the owner holds conversations throughout the dining experience. The place is also pretty small, which works well because that is my personal preference.

The quality of food is great. Although they only serve the expensive dishes on the weekends like seafood, everything else tastes straight from Jamaica.




2. The Woodpit

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 3.20.46 PM.png

The Wood Pit is a southern food restaurant that specializes in certain kinds of meat as well as barbeque sauce. Although I have never been inside of the restaurant, I have seen the website above and I believe it could use some work. I would like to make the site more visually appealing to the customer if chosen for my small business.



3. Halliday Dance

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 11.45.55 PM.png

Halliday Dance is a local dance school near my hometown. I attended this dance school for over 7 years, and have spent a good amount of my childhood getting to know the founder and current owner of the school. I have the most connection with this small business compared to the other two because I have more experience with the school and I have direct contact with the owner. She could give me the content that I need to complete the website.

The school teaches pre-dance, ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern, pointe, lyrical, african, praise, acrobatics, and recently started to hold fitness “Geniuz Fitness” and self-defense classes for adults. They also have a competition team that participates in events and parades. If I continue with this concept, I will choose to feature the fitness and competition team part of the dance school.



Mood/Research Boards

Halliday Dance does not have any official logo or specific colors for marketing. They have used a variety of colors throughout the years. They have used shades of pink, yellow, black, and white the most for events such as open houses and registration days. They sell t-shirts with a possible logo option on them that reads “HALLIDAY DANCE DANCER.” The t-shirts come in black & white or black & pink. There are no specific fonts, shapes, or expectations thus far.

After showing the mood boards to my professor, she recommended using the yellow and black mood board. I would also like to use the yellow and black one because the colors do not suggest any specific gender. This is important because this dance school has a good amount of boys that attend. I also took into consideration that yellow and black is already used for their summer dance camp t-shirts.

The whole bright pink tutu and ballet shoe marketing tactic for dance schools, in general, is very cliche to me. I’ve seen it too often. If I am going to make this website stand out from others, I would prefer to avoid bright pink on the site in general. It is just too predictable and overused for dance schools at this point. Although silhouettes are used to an extent, I will most likely include one for a logo.



Here are the first drafts of the website based off my wireframes:




I have decided to create a logo for the studio because the presence of one makes a website more official. I have always been interested in branding too so I would like to present the logo and website to the owner sometime this summer. I believe that establishing an identity for Halliday Dance is absolutely necessary for growth and familiarity in business.

I was able to come up with the following designs based on my knowledge of the studio:

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.00.39 AM.png

The goal was to create one that would be able to go on black or white backgrounds. If I had the time to call and interview the owner, I would have a better idea of what she preferred in general or which one she would want to use. I also tried to keep in mind that the dancer silhouette would reach more people if it was unisex just like the colors. I do not think that I need to add color to the logo at the moment, but if I did, I would use yellow accents of some kind.


Here is a second draft of the website:



Here is the first prototype:




My professor pointed out that the gray color could be darker for more contrast. It was also suggested that I make the text on the navigation a tad larger. Here is my second prototype based on critique in class:



Here is also the mobile version:




After the final critique, it is now known that in my mobile version, I need to make the imagery shapes more consistent so that none of the images become distorted or cropped unusually. It would also be helpful to make the color gray even darker. Here are the final revisions:



Final Stack


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